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2-chloroethanol is measured

Time:2015/12/22 8:26:48

Angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy of intramolecular hydrogen bond systems: 2-chloroethanol and 2-bromoethanol

He(I) photoelectron angular distributions of typical intramolecular hydrogen bond systems, 2-chloroethanol and 2-bromoethanol, were measured. The intramolecular hydrogen bonds were found not to influence the photoelectron angular distributions for the halogen atom lone pair bands of these compounds. This result is useful for spectral band assignments.

Electron capture gas chromatographic analysis of DDA: utilization of 2 chloroethanol derivative

This paper reports the use of the 2-chloroethanol derivative in the electron capture gas chromatographic analysis of DDA. The efficiency of conversion of DDA to the 2-chloroethanol derivative was 91.5±1.0%. The utilization of a silica gel column for clean up prior to electron capture analysis is discussed and the elution pattern for the 2-chloroethanol derivative is given with a recovery of 97.3±0.4%. The 2-chloroethanol derivative is 3.7±0.1 times more responsive to electron capture detection than the methyl ester of DDA and produces a retention time which separates the DDA from other chlorinated hydrocarbon pesticides which might interfere with the analysis.