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Chlorohydrin summary of aegls

Time:2015/9/24 7:27:45

chlorohydrin aegl values and toxicity endpoints

inhalation toxicity data for ethylene chlorohydrin is limited to older studies using small groups of animals and exposures resulting in either no lethality or 100% lethality. for nonlethal exposures information was consistently lacking regarding description of effects if any. data were unavailable with which to develop aegl-1 values for ethylene chlorohydrin. for lethal exposures, deaths occurred both during and up to a day following exposure. animals exhibited a wide range of effects during exposure but the effects were not characterized as typical narcosis.

signs and toxicity and limited necropsy findings suggested multiple organ/system involvement with no definitive mode of action being described. derivation of the aegl-3 values was based upon a nonlethal exposure of rats as an estimate of a lethality threshold; there was very little margin between exposures causing no lethality and those causing 100% lethality. in lieu of aegl-2 specific data, the aegl-2 values were estimated as one third of the aegl-3 values as per guidance in nrc (2001). aegl value are summarized in table 

chlorohydrin comparisons with other standards and guidelines

a summary of currently available standards and guidelines is shown in table 10. the aegl values are consistent with currently available guidelines and standards. 

chlorohydrin data adequacy and research needs

data defining the exposure-response relationship for nonlethal effects of ethylene chlorohydrin vapor exposure are insufficient. current data are limited to exposures causing

either 10% lethality or no lethality. descriptions of effects (if any) occurring at the nonlethal exposures are lacking. additional data are needed with respect to the exposure-response relationship and mode of action of ethylene chlorohydrin vapor exposure.