Ethylene chlorohydrin




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Method for making ethylene chlorohydrin

Time:2015/12/22 8:31:01

Method for making ethylene chlorohydrin

This invention relates to the method for making ethylene oxide, characterized by the fact that ethylene oxide in the gaseous state is made to react with anhydrous gaseous hydrochloric acid, with the reaction medium likewise being maintained in the gaseous state during the reaction.

Extraction of sulfoxides with ethylene chlorohydrin

The effect of damping factors on convergence to general stationary solutions in many-shell SCF theory is discussed using a first order perturbation analysis. Their bearing on the maximum overlap criterion is examined and a comparison made with Hartree damping. Examples are drawn from numerical experience with hole state and transition operator calculations, some of which lead to saddle point stationary conditions. The method of Hsu et al. is reviewed in the light of the foregoing arguments.