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The Ⅱ-grade enterprise construction of work safty standardization

Time:2017/10/17 1:25:08

    Our company achieved the security upgrade last year, and is authorized as the Ⅲ

-grade enterprise of work safty standardization. For the continuous development, our 

company spontaneously carry out safety construction for "Ⅱ-grade enterprise of work 

safty standardization" this year, and plans to declare in October .

    The standardization of safety production embodies the guideline of "safety first, 

prevention first, comprehensive management" and the scientific view of "people first". 

It emphasizes the standardization, scientific, systematization and legalization of safety 

work, strengthen risk management and process control, and pay attention to performance 

management and continuous improvement. It conforms to the basic law of safety 

management, and represents the development direction of modern safety management. 

It can effectively improve the safety production level , improve the safety production 

situation, and strengthen the vitality of enterprise.