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The construction of enterprise safety culture

Time:2017/11/6 15:06:48

 Our company pursues the concept of "safety makes life better", and establishes "social harmony, safety first", "no safety, no everything" and so on.Actively promote the construction of enterprise safety culture, and gradually do steady, strong enterprises,enterprises showing production and marketing booming, material civilization, spiritual civilization double harvest scene.

    About the construction of enterprise safety culture, mainly reflected in the following aspects:

   Ⅰ. Firmly establish the concept of safety, so that security awareness rooted in the hearts of everyboby.

    Safety is the premise of survival and development, and the survival and development of enterprises must be based on the safety of employees.

    Responsibility for safety: responsible for employees, responsible for investors, responsible for customer, responsible for society.

    Our company has made handbook to strengthen the quality education.Eye-catching safety slogans were made in the factory and workshop, which made the safety awareness rooted in the hearts of everybaby.

Enterprise handbook

    Ⅱ. Establish and improve the safety system, so that safety practices become a habit.

    Implementation of the main responsibility of enterprise safety, corporate legal representative for the first person responsible for safety in production.

    Establish and improve the enterprise management, workshop team and each department safety production post responsibility system, and sign a letter of responsibility for safety commitments.

    Ⅲ.  Increase safety investment ,so that improve safety culture.

   Our company has formulated a specific plan for the safety culture construction in three years,and perfected and improved the leading group of enterprise safety culture.

    Increase the effective investment in the construction of safety culture every year, such as the concept of security on the wall, the construction of publicity windows, electronic display, cultural activities room construction.The enterprise added two safety doors, related safety automatic monitoring and alarm devices, etc.Strengthen the emergency rescue plan (filing) work, do a good job drilling and evaluation work.