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process for preparing chlorohydrins

Time:2015/12/22 8:36:31

process for preparing dichlorohydrin

the invention relates to a process wherein a stream comprising dichlorohydrin, water, and hci is separated into a stream which is rich in dichlorohydrin and low in hci and an aqueous hci stream which is low in dichlorohydrin. the process involves the distillation of the mixture comprising dichlorohydrin, water, and hci with an amount of water being added before and/or during the distillation such that the water concentration during the distillation is on the line d-e, or to the right thereof, in the phase diagram of figure 1.

process for preparing chlorohydrins

a process for hypochlorinating unsaturated alpha-olefins to produce chlorohydrins which comprises forming a microemulsion of water and an unsaturated alpha-olefin and then adding an oxidant to the microemulsion under conditions sufficient to form the chlorohydrins. the microemulsion is formed by adding a non-nucleophilic surfactant and, optionally, a co-surfactant, to the mixture of water and unsaturated alpha-olefin.