Ethylene chlorohydrin




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n  Company Overview  

  Wuxi Ginkgo Plastic Industry Co.,Ltd. was founded in 1985, mainly engaged in 

  2-chloroethanol and phenolic resins, now it is the major manufacturer of industrial 

  grade and pharmaceutical grade 2-chloroethanol. It is located in Heqiao Town, 

  Yixing City and Jiangsu Province, where is known as a tourist attraction, pottery 

  capital and the hometown of professor. The company always attach importance 

  to technological innovation and talent cohesion, with many domestic famous  

  universities maintaining cooperation in scientific research, thereby a highly qualified 

  technical team is cultivated. It achieves ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001,

  and is repeatedly rated as "Advanced Units For Safe Production" and "Clean Factory".

n  Company Concept

  Over the years, the company has been adhering to the concept of "safety in 

  production, environmental protection priority, people-oriented", increasing and 

  improving safety facilities, optimizing environmental governance, reducing pollutant 

  emissions, protecting employees' occupational health and safety, and protecting the 


n  Production Capacity

  Due to the efforts of all staff, the company has a workshop of 1500 square meters 

  and an experimental center of 500 square meters. The production process and 

  quality control are stable and reliable, and product quality has reached international 

  standards, which can meet the requirements of users at home and abroad.