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2-chloroethanol detection in bamboo

Time:2015/10/29 6:24:35

2-chloroethanol detection in bamboo products

Recently in Japan, according to reports in China xiamen detected a bamboo stick manufacturer of 2-chloroethanol. To this end, the bamboo products buyers require suppliers to provide no proof of chlorine containing 2-chloroethanol.

About 2-chloroethanol

2-chloroethanol as colorless, volatile liquid, used as industrial solvents, intermediates and raw materials. With epoxy ethane the fumigation, can produce 2-chloroethanol.

2-chloroethanol harm: high concentration of steam eyes and upper respiratory stimulating. High concentrations of inhaled appear have a headache, dizziness, drowsiness, nausea, vomiting, then fatigue, difficulty breathing, violet purple, ataxia, convulsions, coma. The person that weigh happen cerebral and pulmonary edema. Can be due to the circulation and respiratory failure and death. Skin contact, can appear, skin erythema. Percutaneous absorption can cause poisoning. Oral can be lethal. Chronic effects have a headache, fatigue, decreased appetite, lower blood pressure and angular, etc.

PONY spectrum, the test group

2-chloroethanol is flammable, toxic, stimulative, including it products have certain harm to human body, with the improvement of the bamboo products and relevant product standards, countries can control the material gradually. Associated with fumigation enterprises should start as early as possible from the source, prevent with epoxy ethane fumigation and early screening products containing 2-chloroethanol.

PONY spectrum, the test group, has a mature specification 2-chloroethanol and calibrating methods of epoxy ethane and international advanced testing equipment, to provide all kinds of bamboo products and after fumigation products 2-chloroethanol detection, welcome customers have this requirement makes consulting.