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Usage of 2-chloroethanol

Time:2021/6/2 18:06:16

2- chloroethanol is an important organic solvent and raw material for organic synthesis, and is also used as an organic solvent. For the synthesis of ethylene oxide, ethanolamine, glycol, piperazine phosphate, procaine, furazolidone, mustard gas, pesticide 1059 and polysulfide rubber, etc. Also used as an organic solvent. Chloroethanol is also used as a sprout accelerating agent in potatoes and grapes. Ethylene Chlorohydrin (Ethylene Chlorohydrin), also known as 2-chloro-ethanol,Glycol Chlorohydrin, Chloroethylowy, β-chlorohydrin Alchohol and grape bud accelerator No.1, etc. As a byproduct of Ethylene Oxide after evaporation, it is often used in industry as solvent, lubricant, etc. In the pharmaceutical industry, 2-chloroethanol is used in the production of piperazine phosphate, furazolidone, tetramidazole, ferasil and procaine, etc., and is used as the raw material of insecticide 1059 in pesticide production. 2- chloroethylamine hydrochloride can be obtained from 2- chloroethylamine hydrochloride by ammoniation and chlorination, which is a kind of drug intermediate, used for the manufacture of insecticide net.