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process for preparing chlorohydrins(Posted: 2015/12/22 8:36:31)
process for preparing dichlorohydrinthe invention relates to a process wherein a stream comprising dichlorohydrin, water, and hci is separat...

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Cas NO.:107-07-3Molecular Formula:C2H5ClOAppearance:Colorless liquid

2-chloroethanol solution

Cas NO.:107-07-3Molecular Formula:C2H5ClOAppearance:Colorless or yellowish liquid

Phenolic resin 701#

Cas NO.:9003-35-4Molecular Formula:Appearance:Yellow bar-like solid

Phenolic resin 382#

Cas NO.:9003-35-4Molecular Formula:Appearance:Yellow-brown bar-like solid

Furan resin

Cas NO.:25212-86-6Molecular Formula:Appearance: Brownish yellow to brownish red transparent liquid

FFD-301self-curing phenolic resin

Cas NO.:9003-35-4Molecular Formula:Appearance:Brown translucent liquid

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